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Photo courtesy: Gintama Chapter 502 (p.19) by Hideaki Sorachi

Photo courtesy: Gintama Chapter 502 (p.19) by Hideaki Sorachi

Okay. I can’t believe I left this blog hanging for more than a year! And to think, I was actually planning to be an active blogger last 2013. Well, what can you expect? It’s me! And if there’s one thing I’m not too lazy to do, it’s being lazy and having a bum life. But guys, I swear, I’ll try to keep up with you as much as possible and as often as possible so please stay tuned for the development of this blog.

Anyhow, this blog will parody anything and everything under the sun from anime to manga (specifically GINTAMA) to games to books to movies to TV series to giveaways and many more! Hmmm… What else? Oh,¬†and by the way, you can actually send me a request about the things you’re interested to tackle.

So, that’s it for now, I guess. I’ll just see you on my next post! Bye!

P.S. My laptop is acting up! I was actually so annoyed and scared because it suddenly shuts down on me while I was writing this post. I don’t know what happened. The good thing is, when I opened it again, this post was saved. THANK YOU, GOD, FOR THAT! I might as well let one of my brothers fix my laptop. Please, please, please, don’t you ever give up on me, laptop! Not now when I decided to start this blog again!

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