Sheba Meats


Today, I decided to let my cats try Sheba Meats and they couldn’t even wait for me to open it. They were so excited, kept getting closer to me and meowing like saying, “hurry up and open it!” Look at them go! They ignored me even if I wanted to take a picture with them looking at the camera, unfortunately, #ShebaMeats tasted so good that they ignored me the whole time.

Disclaimer:  “Received these products courtesy of SHEBA & Influenster for sampling purposes.”

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Review: Always Radiant


I’ve been using Always as my sanitary napkin. I always buy Always Ultra Thin and I thought it was already good enough but this new Always radiant flex foam is definitely amazing! I really love how it absorbed heavy flow and I don’t have to worry about any leak especially when I’m sleeping at night or when I’m at work. I also love the fact that it is very flexible and I don’t have any red spots in my inner thigh when I’m using it. Definitely the best Always product I used so far.

Disclaimer: I recieved this product for free complimentary for testing purpose.




This is my first ever #GoddessVoxBox I received from @Influenster. Honestly, I was not that excited at first and was not expecting too much because I reviewed a lot of products for free from different companies and I would only end up getting a sachet or a small tube of those products. I thought the #GoddessVoxBox is also the same but I was so surprised when I finally got it. I mean, look at those products! They’re all mine!


It was the best free products I received so far and what’s more amazing is that, those products are being backed by reputed companies so I’m 100% sure that what I was testing is totally safe!

Disclaimer: I received these products for free complimentary for testing purposes.


10th Anniversary of Percy Jackson Series #ReadRiordan

Oh my gosh! I can’t believe this is happening, guys! Did you know that it’s the 10th Anniversary of Percy Jackson Series and the good news is that, Disney Hyperion is having a giveaway contest! Yes, you heard it right! A giveaway contest and you’ll win a complete set of Percy Jackson! Isn’t it awesome?! To enter, please click ENTRY FORM or you can visit!

The Meaning of Life, explained by 3rd Graders

Please take a moment to watch this video. This is very inspirational and on point.

“You don’t gotta be great to get started, but you gotta get started to be great.”

“You see a lot of people with big mouths making excuses on Facebook, trying to get likes, but, they don’t even like themselves”.

“…you can’t let other people’s opinion define your reality. So let ‘em laugh, but I guarantee, you won’t find ONE successful person in history that people didn’t laugh at. So, stop worrying about your reputation, ’cause your reputation is what people think about you. Your CHARACTER is who you are.”

“Stop worrying about your reputation because your reputation is what people think about you but your character is who you are.”

“You can’t let other people’s opinion define your reality. You don’t get a do-over in your life, so live your dreams. You don’t have to be great to get started, you gotta get started to be great.”

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Random Drawings

I love to draw even though I’m not that good at it, I still draw. I’m mostly interested to draw anime or manga characters, Harvest moon characters, and/or some doodles and chibi. But to be honest, I can only draw good arts when I’m inspired because if I’m not, those paper and sketches will end up in the trash. So today, I decided to share with you some of my artworks. I used to have so many but I gave it as a farewell gift to one of my best friends.

NOTE: These photos are mine. Please ask permission or at least “give credit to where credit is due” before posting it to other sites. Thank you! 


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scan0024 scan0025

These are all unfinished versions. I’m very sorry about that. It’s just that I have that bad habit wherein I don’t finish my artworks except if it’s a school project.

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